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My guess is that mini disks are on there way out the door, but that is
just a guess.  As I said in my podcast, with all the flash alternatives
out there, I don't see how they can keep on keeping up.  In addition,
they have copy protect built in to their software.  No flash recorder I
have seen has this.  So, you can copy your own recordings or anything
you want to copy as many times as you wish.  I'm not proposing that
people steal other people's music, but to think that until the very
latest minidisk software, Sony was not letting you even copy your own
recordings more than once. I think that's going a bit too far.


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Hi Neal and list,

Here are the exact high MD models I was referring to earlier: 1.
MZ-NF610 2. MZ-RH10 3. MZ-RH910

The first model wouldn't appear to support the high MD format, but from
what I've read it actually does. I currently own a Sony MZ-N700 and want
to upgrade at some point in the future. I can't decide if I should spend
the bucks on a newer minidisc model which will allow me to upload
directly to my PC, or if I should save up and purchase one of the higher
end recorders like the Microtrack or one of the Edirol portable units. I
know MD is on its way out the door, and I don't want to get left with
unsupported technology in the event of a problem some time down the

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