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I just listened to the recording and I didn't hear any hiss, but I noticed 
that the  soni mic fazes to the right when I listened to her voice.
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Hi Pam.

Good comparisons.  I am curious to know how far you were from the first 2
microphones?  The Sony sounded better than the internal mics, somewhat
crisper and clearer.  The sound Professionals were the best by far in terms
of quality, but it did sound like you were a lot closer to those than the
other two, so your voice had a lot more presence.  Personally, I thought the
DS2 and Sound Professionals was a great combination, especially at that
price point which was under $200 for the whole setup.  I wish Olympus had
given the WS200 andWS320 models the option to record at 128kbps.

Thanks for the comparison.

--Best regards,

--Rick Alfaro

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Since we've been talking about microphones and recorder comparisons, I don't
know why I didn't think of this before. I'll just give you the link to the
file I did comparing the three microphones using the Olympuss ds-2. Amy,
Sandra and Doug, this isn't the same file that I sent you all. I recorded
this one in a quieter environment so you could get a better idea if there
was any background noise made by the recorder. And since I can't hear any
glaring background noise if there is any, I really would be interested in
what you all think. Which microphone do you like the best, etc.

The link to the file is



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