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Hi Jake:

I'm going to start a thread with this one but here goes.  Spanker is the one I 
was really interested in getting.  Some deep seated inadequacy I guess, left 
over from when I was five and lived at the Pittsburgh School for the Blind.  I 
was beaten half to death by a house mother and after that my parents moved us 
all to California.  I attended public schools ever since then and I am so glad.

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  I have all of Jim Kitchen's text-to-speech games and I like them very much. 
The only thing I don't like is the sapi voices. They are horrible! That Sam 
sounds like he's gonna croak any second! I used to have other sapi-compatible 
voices but somehow they got uninstalled. My roommate doesn't like the Spanker 
game, but I showed it to my former life skills tutor and she died laughing!
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    He has both types of games.  If you get the kid with PC life you can do 
most of the Windows games.  I have his life, monopoly and casino packages 
currently installed and they all work under XP.  I had others, but some of them 
I did not do well with like the concentration.  I think I also have hangman and 
Yahtzi on this machine.  

    I have not had time to play games since I discovered Blind Cool Tech and 
other pods.  

    Rose Combs

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    Hi all,

    I thought Jim Kitchen's games were designed for old DOS machines. Any 
recent version of Windows XP probably wouldn't run them; just because there's a 
command prompt doesn't mean it's a DOS box. I suspect that DOS is gone forever; 
Windows XP is not designed to run with a DOS code base as most previous Windows 
were. microsoft deleted most traces of DOS deliberately. In fact, you cannot 
boot XP in DOS mode unless you do some procedures to make it happen, none of 
which I know since I have no need for them.


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