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  • Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 21:26:35 -0600

Might we all be able to split that piece of pie? Sounds scrumptious! This 
afternoon for lunch, I treated my tutor to a little Greek restaurant that I 
like a lot. I figured I'd treat her because her mom has been ill. Anyway, they 
have both Greek and American food. I got a grilled steak sandwich, which was 
served on a toasted French roll. They make these really good Greek fries, which 
have a sort of lemon sauce. I got those on the side. I was so stuffed that I 
brought the other half of my sandwich home and ate it for dinner.
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  Hi all,
  I just got back from eating out.
  The place is called Southwells, it's mainly a seafood restaurant but they 
also have steak, burgers and chicken.
  I ordered my usual which was: shrimp and fish combination fried, French 
fries, apple sauce and garlic bread.  Man it was good and I'm stuffed!  I even 
brought home a big piece of chocolate peanut butter pie to have for dessert 

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