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My family and I are big eaters.
I'm about to go eat my pie and then probably try to get some sleep. Food sure is a big topic for the blind and sighted alike.
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Peanut butter pie (especially chocolate peanut butter pie), and chocolate pie...two of my favorite things in the world. Fried shrimp is right up there, too. All things I shouldn't have much if at all, being somewhat diabetic and all (is that sort of like being somewhat pregnant?)

Anyway. Has anyone else noticed that blind people talk about food an awful lot? I mean a whole lot. I have a conference call a couple times a week with some friends on a small list, and we have a sort of joke that "On this call, we talk about food, technology, food, telephones, food, our families, our lives, food, computers, and did I mention that we talk about food? And sometimes, we even talk about guide dogs, for some reason." I wonder why this is?

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