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You can adjust the playback volume by pressing the joystick in either

If you have the Iriver so that the headphone jack is on your left, the
buttons and the usb connectionr is on top, and the lock switch is on the
bottom, you would push the hoystick up and down to adjust the playback

If you press the joystick left to right, then it will move from track to

You can also adjust the recording level, but this requires you to enter the
menus, and I am not familiar with the exact key sequences.  Basically you
press in on the joystick for a couple of seconds to enter the menu.  Then
you move it left to right to get to the control menu.  Beyond that, I don't
know exactly where the recording level ption is.


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Hi this is Ken,
Can some one please tel me if there is a way to turn up or down the volume
for the 899.
Regards Ken

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