[bct] Re: inviting guests into the chat room with us?

  • From: "Allison Mervis" <allisonfm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 13:26:04 -0500

I'm just not sure, as you said, that guests wouldn't begin to swarm the room so 
that we couldn't use it. Can someone please give me the url for the room again? 
I seem to have lost it. I don't have a lot of free time, but it would be great 
to talk to you guys some time.

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  From: Cory Jackson 
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  Subject: [bct] Re: inviting guests into the chat room with us?

  Hi Mary,

  It was great being able to chat with every one in the room last evening.  As 
I was saying in there I don't get much time to write on the list, but I do 
enjoy the occational chat.
  I hope to produce some Pod Casts very soon of my own and I would be more than 
happy to share them with BCT.

  Cory Jackson

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  Subject: [bct] inviting guests into the chat room with us?

  Hi list,

  I am wondering if it would be ok to invite a guest into the chat room to chat 
if there's room; where I live, there's a policy that when the pool is open, a 
resident can invite one guest, and one guest only; that policy does not extend 
to the fitness center or other facilities. Just wondering about how others feel 
about guests in the chat room; should we maintain the exclusive use to BCT 
members? If we invited guests, would that open up a  potential problem of too 
many unknown people, or can we assume we can trust each other to use 
discretion? And what if the guests choose to invite their friends and use the 
room without us? That could turn into a night mare in which all of us BCT folks 
wouldn't be able to get in the room due to the guests taking over. I have a 
friend who can't use Skype because her computer is too old, but I'd love to be 
able to chat with her in some way. What do the rest of you think? Larry, this 
would be a good subject for one of your walk-with-Jake ponderings.  

  By the way, it was great chatting with some of you last night. It amazes me 
no end that we can talk to people all over the world just like they're in the 
same room. Awesome!
  Mary Emerson
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