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Hey Chris and welcome to the new? list. I was going to email you privately regarding your epilepsy podcast which you did with Chasity, but I got side-tracked. I really enjoyed that podcast!
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Hey all,

Well, I have made several atempts to introduce myself when I was doing bct podcasts, but I thought that I would introduce myself here.
My name is Chris, and I am 25, and from Missouri. I have really enjoyed making reviews for bct, and I really hope that you all are enjoying them.
I am thinking of starting my own podcast, but every time I start something, I get stuck.
I know about feed burner, and our media, but I don't know how to get a file uploaded to a site, and configure a blogg so that I can get an rss feed, and I can give my feed to others.
I am sorry if I am not making any sense with my question here, but I am just a newbie to podcasting. All I know is how to record and submit to bct.
If anyone would like to help me start from the ground up, and I do know how to record mp3 files by the way, you can e-mail me off list.
My e-mail is:
Thanks again, and sorry for the long message.
Your newest member,

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