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Yeah, the sad thing is, if you ask Ole Ed about putting his show on the net, he will most likely say no.
He doesn't get it.

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Playback comes out on a c90 cassette bi-monthly.
It started in 1979.
Cost is $21 a year. If you join in the middle of the year, he'll send you the back issues.
Ed's address is: 1308 Evergreen Ave.
Goldsboro North Carolina
phone: 919 736-0939
I've been with him since the pilot issue went out in 1979 and its really a great audio magazine.

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Where do you get the magazine?

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Hi list,

Playback magazine for March features a wonderful interview with Michael Moody of NLS regarding the new digital talking book machines, the cartridges, even some discussion of what the cartridges look like, the recording format used, machine appearance and the two types of machine (basic and more complex--the complex will work like existing Daisy players), and some other details. I'd love to upload it to a podcast and assume it's ok since Playback magazine is sent on tape to lots of people all over the country, but I haven't pursued it further. Just wanted to make people aware that the interview lasts almost an hour and is well worth hearing if you get the magazine; if not, if I don't get around to uploading it to a podcast, maybe somebody else with a better setup can do so with Ed Potter's permission.

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