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Let's introduce him to FreedomBox!

                  Matt Roberts

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> Chris and others, I think you may be missing a vital link 
> here.  (smile)  I think we take the ability to use online 
> services for granted because we have been blessed with the 
> skills to learn them and the drive to do so.  I have noticed 
> that there is a group of people who need to be shown how 
> something is done before they can understand.  You can talk 
> yourself silly and not make progress.  I was like that when 
> CDs and DVDs came along.  In fact, I didn't buy a CD player 
> for 15 years after they came onto the market.  I watched my 
> first DVD 2 months ago.  Chris dragged me kicking and 
> screaming into podcasts when I could see no use for them.  
> Now I laugh at myself because they're so simple.  Chris 
> baited a trap and got me to actually listen to a podcast and 
> a DVD movie.  Until that point, I wasn't having any of it, 
> thank you very much.
> I can relate to Ed in his clinging to what he knows and 
> understands.  That learning style would require someone to go 
> to his house, play a podcast on his machine, and walk through 
> the steps of making a small podcast.  This is a reality of 
> marketing and education in all spheres of life, and it's a 
> shame that most people overlook this need in their friends 
> and family.  I feel sad that I don't live closer to him.  My 
> mom is this type of learner, and I've got her using Google 
> and Amazon now.  I don't know Ed, but I imagine he is of an 
> age that he didn't grow up with the internet and has heard 
> just enough of the media's horror stories to feel both afraid 
> and unsure.  He knows about tapes, the telephone, and such.  
> The web and a screenreader could feel pretty overwhelming to him.
> Monica
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> On Tuesday 3/21/2006 09:50 PM, you wrote:
> >Mary, Oh, you're so right. Coffee with Ed would be a 
> wonderful addition 
> >to our podcasts. I wonder if he'll be attending CSUN. Maybe 
> Larry could 
> >convince him of the wonders of podcasting.
> >
> >Pam

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