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Nice going Monica.  I couldn't have said it better, so I won't even try.


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Chris and others, I think you may be missing a vital link 
here.  (smile)  I think we take the ability to use online services 
for granted because we have been blessed with the skills to learn 
them and the drive to do so.  I have noticed that there is a group of 
people who need to be shown how something is done before they can 
understand.  You can talk yourself silly and not make progress.  I 
was like that when CDs and DVDs came along.  In fact, I didn't buy a 
CD player for 15 years after they came onto the market.  I watched my 
first DVD 2 months ago.  Chris dragged me kicking and screaming into 
podcasts when I could see no use for them.  Now I laugh at myself 
because they're so simple.  Chris baited a trap and got me to 
actually listen to a podcast and a DVD movie.  Until that point, I 
wasn't having any of it, thank you very much.

I can relate to Ed in his clinging to what he knows and 
understands.  That learning style would require someone to go to his 
house, play a podcast on his machine, and walk through the steps of 
making a small podcast.  This is a reality of marketing and education 
in all spheres of life, and it's a shame that most people overlook 
this need in their friends and family.  I feel sad that I don't live 
closer to him.  My mom is this type of learner, and I've got her 
using Google and Amazon now.  I don't know Ed, but I imagine he is of 
an age that he didn't grow up with the internet and has heard just 
enough of the media's horror stories to feel both afraid and 
unsure.  He knows about tapes, the telephone, and such.  The web and 
a screenreader could feel pretty overwhelming to him.

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On Tuesday 3/21/2006 09:50 PM, you wrote:
>Mary, Oh, you're so right. Coffee with Ed would be a wonderful addition

>to our podcasts. I wonder if he'll be attending CSUN. Maybe Larry could

>convince him of the wonders of podcasting.

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