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hi. A few years ago, a guy by the name of Denis Nelson, who ran a website called Live Stream America.com was a big fan of Playback Magazine, and asked Ed if he could make some back issues available online.
For a few months, he had back issues of Playback and the Underground available in Real Audio. It was fantastic! Sadly, I think Ed's lack of knowledge of the internet caused him to be scared for some reason, so he asked Denis to remove the issues from the site, and Denis, even though it made him sad to do it, honored Ed's request.
I also feel that Playback and the Underground would be absolutely supurb podcasts, and i'm quite sure someone could work together with him and set up some kind of a system via paypal where you could give him his 21 bucks, and then instead of the tapes, you get sent a link as an mp3 to download, or you could place a link in your podcatcher and have it made as a podcast. It seems only natural. But the internet train came along, and Ed never got on.

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Hi list,

I always thought Ed's little Coffee with Ed commentaries would make marvelous podcasts, but I suppose he wouldn't want that either. Kind of sad that, as you say, he doesn't get it.

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