[bct] in search of a DVD client

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  • Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 06:15:50 -0500


    Okay.  I'll try not to take too much of y'all's time with this one.  I'm
looking for a very good and accessible DVD client which will allow me to
play 5.1 channel sound from a DVD directly in to my Sound Blaster Live 24
bit card.  I also need the DVD client to be able to allow me to choose which
sound card is used without having to change my default card; because I do
not want my normal Windows audio coming through the same card as my dVD
client.  Also, I need to be able to move the sliders for the front left,
front center, front right, right surround, left surround and low frequency
effect channels from inside the client itself as this is not possible on my
card and my receiver does not allow adjustments to these channels to the
degree I redquire.  I've tried what I guess are the main two out there;
WinDVd and PowerDVD.  I found that WinDVD does allow me to accomplish at
least part of this objective.  I can play 5.1 channel sound through my card,
but, I can't control the volumes of the individual channels.  Although I can
see the sliders with the JAWS cursor, I can't move them up or down.  As for
controlling which card the client plays through, that's not possible either
with JAWS or Window-Eyes.  PowerDVD seems much more accessible; but, the
same issues present themselves.  Anybody out there got any suggestions?

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