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Remember that Ipodder has a setting where it continues to run in the background. To avoid this, one must select "quit" from the "file" menu.

I'm sorry that I'm not familiar with Jonathan's show to know about the changes you are speaking of. Maybe you could Select the subscriptions window and completely delete the "Mosen Explosion" and then re-subscribe to it? That might be too radical. Remember that there are multiple available tabs in Ipodder, The easiest one to use is the subscriptions tab or window. There is the downloads tab which reflects recently downloaded shows and currently downloading shows. The clean-up tab allows you to remove old shows that might be just taking up room on your hard disk. You use the spacebar to select shows under a particular feed and then tab over to the delete button to remove the e=selected shows or should I say episodes. The log tab lets you know of any events that took place during program execution. The podcast directory tab allows you to subscribe to feeds. I think those tabs can be a bit confusing at times but just use the one that fits what you want to do. Move between the tabs with the "control+tab" key combo or the "shift+control+tab" combo to go back the opposite direction. the tab key moves you from item to item within the program and the spacebar or enter key can usually launch a recording from within the downloads tab or the subscriptions tab. Actually, use the spacebar in the downloads tab to launch a downloaded program and the enter key to launch a program from the subscriptions tab. The spacebar is used to change a show's download property if it isn't already downloaded. It toggles between "to download" and "skipped". The program is pretty flexible. All your shows are stored in the "my recieved podcasts" sub-folder of the "my documents" folder, which you can always get to from the desktop or start menu. If you explain a bit more about the selections you want to change, I could mess around with it as well and we could figure it out. Let me know


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iPodder seems to have seriously run amuk! Last night when I tried to change
my podcast subscription on the Mosen Explosion, from the whole show to the
pre-recorded items from it, the program just quit working. I closed and
opened it and then instead of the usual screen appearing, there was a list
of files from the internal workings of the program. No matter what I did I
couldn't get to the usual screen and the menus. I completely uninstalled
and re-installed it three times. Now nothing happens when I open it. And
when I try to open it a second time in a given Windows session, I get a
message saying that there's already a copy of the program open and I should
either "raise" it or kill it before opening it again. I do an alt plus f4
and my program closing sound goes off. So something is happening, but I
have no idea what! Everything else seems to be working on my system.
Anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?
Thank you.

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