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MessageRandy, don't sweat the small stuff as they say. I made an even bigger 
mistake and I just found out this morning. Actually it wasn't all my fault, but 
the community room in my apartment complex has been double booked. I'm usually 
the one in charge of booking the community room for whomever needs it. Well, 
apparently someone else was originally going to have their holiday party on a 
certain day, then she changed it, then my roommate said he needed the community 
room for something very important. 
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  as most of you or some of you may know. i am dating a very lovely angel who 
happens to be on this list.
  Well, i did soem pretty stupid things that nearly, very very nearly cost us.
  I don't want to get in to allot of theological things of what has happened to 
me. but all i will ask is that
  all of you forgive me, and pray for the both of us.
  i really love her so much.
  i know there will be a bit of hesitation, but believe me, we will make it.
  Sabrina, know that I love you so much. Randy
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    Sure go ahead...
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      Hello friends. I am sorry for being a bit quiet. I have a reason for  
doing so.
      I have had a few things happen to me in my life. I am asking you Larry 
and all if i may share with you, and i ask you not to condemn me. Randy

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