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Messageas most of you or some of you may know. i am dating a very lovely angel 
who happens to be on this list.
Well, i did soem pretty stupid things that nearly, very very nearly cost us.
I don't want to get in to allot of theological things of what has happened to 
me. but all i will ask is that
all of you forgive me, and pray for the both of us.
i really love her so much.
i know there will be a bit of hesitation, but believe me, we will make it.
Sabrina, know that I love you so much. Randy
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  Sure go ahead...
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    Hello friends. I am sorry for being a bit quiet. I have a reason for  doing 
    I have had a few things happen to me in my life. I am asking you Larry and 
all if i may share with you, and i ask you not to condemn me. Randy

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