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Dan, actually, even the gasoline engine may be quieter in some cars
because some have a graduated gear ratio so there is not a very high
revolution when you start.  They just start off slowly and build up as
they go faster.  I'll know more in a few days, but this is what I
remember from riding in my friends car and having her tell me about the
gasoline engine.  So, when going slow, these cars could be quite a
hazard even if they are using the gasoline engine.  I plan to record us
driving around and also do a recording in a few places outside the car.


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If the gas engine is running, you hear them just fine, but if they are
on electric and there is much ambient noise, such as other gasoline 
vehicles around, you do not hear them until they are next to you, then
hear tire noise on the pavement, not engine noise.


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