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Got to watch out for those sneaky automobiles. 
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  Well, to make Dan's point even further, Last night, I was out with my
  recorder and my microphones recording sounds in a parking lot.  I was
  trying to decide which mikes to use for the podcast in question.  I
  walked down the side of our van toward the back and almost walked right
  in front of an oncoming hybrid car.  Where as that would have been an
  interesting podcast, it could have been my last.


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  Quite true, Neal.  The real problem is not the absolute noise or lack of
  but the ambiant noise.  On a quiet country road, you can hear a hybred
  even if it goes slowly, but in a city environment with noisy trucks and 
  busses and people, the sound is totally hidden.  I have nearly been hit 
  twice by them.


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