[bct] Re: hurricane podcast and historical archives

  • From: Mike Busboom <lists@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2006 12:21:16 +0100

Hello Pam and others, especially Ray:

I also really enjoyed the hurricane podcasts and am crazy about collecting historical archives. I have always looked for soundclips from Hurricanes since, as a midwesterner, I never experienced them first-hand. At night, I could listen to WWL and found it fascinating to hear about hurricanes as they approached. However, I was a kid at the time and didn't have a tape recorder of my own.

I have several hours of recordings of the JFK assassination as it unfolded and several days of recordings from NPR after the 9/11 incident. If you are interested, Pam, about working out something to get copies, let me know ... if that is even legal--<Grin>.

Sunshine, snowy and cold today here in Austria, but rumor has it that Spring is just around the corner.

Take care,


At 02:14 AM 2/28/2006, you wrote:
Hi Ray,

Just listened to your hurricane podcast and it sure was interesting.
It sure did re-emphasize how emphaticly people were warned to get out
well in advance. And then what did the stubborn people who decided to
stay do--turn around and blame the government later. I don't know what
part of leave they didn't understand. I wonder what happened to that
old lady who insisted that she had ridden others out and would this
one as well.

Great quality recordings of the broadcasts too. I wondered, do you
have archives of other historical broadcasts such as those after the
Oklahoma City bombing and 9-11? I'd sure be interested in hearing them
if you did, or do you know of a place on the internet with such

Looking forward to Part two..


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