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Greetings Dana et al.
Yes. If you're just recording a vocal broadcast, set your file to 22KHZ,
mono. This will more than halve the size of the file. When you begin
encoding your file, do a 64-KBPS, or even 48-KBPS compression. Since
you're only speaking, quality isn't as important. These rules, of
course, wouldn't apply to sound seeing tours and what not.
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Hey Dick:
Glad to hear it man!  It's positively a great feeling when you get it
sent.  I have since learned ways to lower the sound quality a little and
subsequently shrinking the file size a lot.  Can't wait to hear your
cast submission.

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It worked.  Jumping up and down.  jump jump jump!
Dick, Donna, Clayton, Mizzy, Bart and Ginger

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