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Hey Jeff,

thanks for your response.  I am not sure if the sound blaster Audigy 2 ZS has a 
digital out.  I would assume it does but if so it is a 8th inch jack rather 
then a RCA style.  My old audigy had the bay in the front which had a RCA 
digital out but not this one.  Maybe I need to figure out which jack is the 
digital and then buy a 8th inch to RCA adaptor.  


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      Does your computer have a digital coaxial out jack?  And, if so, does 
your receiver have a digital coaxial input jack?  If all this is true, run a 
cord from one to the other and do whatever setup on your receiver it takes to 
make sure the coaxial digital jack is enabled and then just adjust your 
surround settings for that input source on your receiver.  In my case, I use a 
Sony 4/es receiver.  I have the output from the SB-live/external's coaxial 
digital out running to the CD-in-coaxial on my receiver.  You would need to 
make sure that the input you use allows for surround and so on..  The cable I'm 
using is a simple phono or RCA plug on each end and I have run it down into my 
basement where I already had other items running and up into the room with the 
receiver.  I had the holes drilled already to bring my satellite into the 
satellite reciever.  The digital signal could also be sent via an optical 
digital cable which are more expensive and must be very carefully run to avoid 
crimping or kinking as some call it since they are a hollow tube which 
transmits light signals and any distorting of this tube will cause less than 
great results.  The optical thing is best if the computer and receiver are 
close together.  Barring any of those options, one could just use an adapter to 
convert the analog output from 1/8 inch stereo to dual phono plugs but this is 
a much less desireable method since it transmits a signal which has already 
been put through the digital to analog conversion and is in a stereo format.  
The digital route will allow your receiver's superior d/a converter to do this 
for you and much closer to the analog speaker output.  I think the closer to 
the actual analog output you do the conversion the better the output quality.  
Also, using an analog signal between the two machines calls for you to worry 
about the signal amplification because your receiver expects a signal with 
certain voltage and amperage.  It should be that easy.

  Jeff Armstrong
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    Hi all,

    I am having a bit of trouble trying to figure out the best way to hook my 
computer up to my home stereo.  I have a sound blaster Audigy ZS 2 and a Onkyo 
777 5.1 DTS receiver.  I would like to take advantage of the 5.1 which is 
possible both with the soundcard and receiver.  Not sure how to go about 
hooking the card up.  any ideas or hints would be great.




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