[bct] Re: hi to everyone

  • From: "Lynnette" <superlynne@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 21:25:31 -0500

Hi Sabrina,
I didn't get a chance to welcome you, so I'm taking the opportunity to do so 
now...and welcome back since I haven't seen any messages from you in a while.

Now, to this microphone thing.  Podcasting is for the people.  If you have the 
software, do some test runs.  If it sounds fairly good to you and you'd like to 
submit something to BCT, I'm certain Larry would be pleased.  I realize I'm 
taking liberties here by speaking for him.  <grin>  

I think the majority of podcasts are done right there in front of the computer. 
 Some day you'll be able to afford a digital recorder.  Patience applies to so 
many things.

Sometimes the best way to learn to swim is to just jump right in.  <smile>  
This from a non-swimmer.

Anyway, looking forward to your efforts and good luck with your medication.


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  Subject: [bct] hi to everyone

  Hi all,
  I had to resubscribe because I wasn't getting any messages from the list.  I 
guess my messages were bouncing.
  How is everyone today?  I spent all day printing out school work to send in 
and I have to redo it again because the printer acted up and made my documents 
look sloppy.  What a waste of paper!
  I also have to go see the shrink tomorrow because he wants to change my 
medication and I'm not looking forward to it at all.
  I've thought about doing my own podcast but it'll have to come from the PC 
for now since money is tight and I can't afford one of those portable digital 
  I enjoy listening to the career podcasts, I find them quite interesting.

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