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  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 08:36:36 -0600

Hi Mary,
Sounds like you have great mobility skills.  Some of those busy
intersections are dangerous for sighted persons too.  
Have you ever thought of getting a dog guide?  A dog can be a big help
when crossing a street especially those with rounded curbs and diagonal
crossings.  When I got my last dog in March of 2004 there was a lady in
the class who had previously had a dog guide but this time she was now
also deaf.  The dog was trained to not cross the street until the
traffic had stopped and the crossing area was clear, the dog made the
decision  of when to cross not the lady. Other dog guides are trained to
wait for the handler to give the command to cross the street and will
use, "intelligent disobedience", and not cross if there is traffic in
the way and will even stop or walk backwards if a auto unexpectedly
crosses your path.  Of course you still need good mobility skillsto
navigate with the dog.
I know not everyone wants a dog but it is an alternative      for a
choice of mobility aid for some of us.
Curt & Fabulous Faith the Fluffy Furry dog guide
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Wow! 90 percent in both ears is a lot, but apparently your inner ears
are still receptive to sound which is very fortunate for you. I don't
cross busy streets at all. After getting knocked down by moving vehicles
a few times, I decided it's better to be safe than sorry. Residential
streets are quite easy if you do it logically, line up in what ever way
you can and if the sun is shining, just keep it in the same place as you
go and you generally can go straight across. Unfortunately our corners
aren't square, they are rounded, so it's tricky to line up properly. Can
you tell if you're near a wall or did you lose that facial vision as
they call it? I still have it on the left but not at all on the right. I
can be right next to a wall, on the right, and then my right hand can
run right into it and I don't even know it's there. Can you tell room
sizes? I can sort of do it but it's a one-sided deal. I miss being able
to do it because it was really handy to hear both sides and know how big
a room was.

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