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People have told me that but I can't seem to convince myself that anyone but us 
would buy it so I have only short stories of my life so far.  I have really 
gotten a major shot in the arm from all you kind people responding so 
positively.  In the past, there have been sighted folks that didn't find this 
kind of stuff as interesting as we do, so I've taken to only sharing it with 
other blind folk.  It really means a lot to me that I have gotten the exposure 
here because now many other people have some of my life captured and perhaps it 
might benefit someone in the future.  When I worked at Braille, they loved for 
me to share.  I hope to combined all this great list feedback and my pod cast 
together along with some music I find interesting and we'll hear what happens.

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  Have you ever thought of writing a book? It would be incredible! I bet all of 
us would cheer you on if you did.


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