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Oh, most of the people I work with do not understand how I dislike crowds.
My dad had a stroke in 1999 and has a hearing deficit from that.  His wife
tends to want us to see him at noisy restaurants and in situations where I
know he cannot hear me.  He can read lips fairly well now but she tends to
keep him in situations where he cannot communicate well and tell us how
difficult he is being.  I know the situation, it drives me crazy but there
is little I can do about it.  Anyway, in his own living room he does fairly
well understanding, although he is not able to talk all that much.  

Rose Combs

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Hi, and yes, That is some very helpful info.  One of the reasons I don't get
out much is because I can't hear well enough to deal with crowds of people.
I make sure that when I go to the grocery store, that it's early in the
morning when there won't be many people there, and that's how I do most
everything.  If I'm in a room of more than 4 or 5 people, I get pretty
nurvous because I can't tell what is happening around me.
In school, my teachers always said that I was waiting for special
instructions, never listening when I told them that I just could not hear
them.  At one time, I could hear better and I was able to get out and do
much more stuff, but now, by most people's standards, I probably live a very
boaring life.
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Hi, Marsha here.  As a guide dog user of long standing, you don't have to
walk the marathon or run like the wind to think that a guide dog is not
worth your while.  I do not do a great deal of traveling at this point in my
life but what traveling I do is enough to warrant one.  I know of seniors
who use guide dogs to go to the store, go to the mail box or to go to their
senior center or blind center should they wish to do so.  As a home-based
business as a medical transcriptionist, I find it does me good to get out if
nothing else but to go out to dinner or go for a walk.  You don't have to be
the consummate traveling guru, going miles and miles and get on a bus every
day, messing with the crowds and getting on and off airplanes, trains and
the like to get good use of a guide dog.  Yes, you should keep them in
practice walking even somewhat every day but even a young dog can and does
adapt to your lifestyle.  Hope this helps somewhat.
Marsha and Lazarus

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I have a guide dog, and her name is Sandy.  she's a yellow lab, 14 years
old.  I think it will be quite a while before I get another one though.  I
really love animals, but I don't do enough traveling to make it worth a
dog's while, and I hate to be so unfair to the dog.  Sandy is really old
now, so I'm sure she doesn't mind, but a young dog would probably have
problems with my lack of travvel.
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I don't do enough traveling to make it worth while to get a dog guide. I
love animals and love dogs as pets. I mentioned my favorite pet, Heidi, who
was her own independent, rambunctious, loving character; not as rambunctious
and goofy as Jake, but she just loved everybody and there wasn't a mean bone
in her. She was long and lanky and could bend herself to get through almost
any size gate or door or opening. She had Airdale eyes and was a mix of
Airdale, lab and shepherd. I won't go on any more about her but she was just
like a puppy for all of her 13 years.
Now you know why I love all the dog stories on BCT and on the list!

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