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I feel my left ear but it feels different and it sounds different, sort of
like cardboard, it is weird.  It does not drain wax well and I can tell when
it needs to have some extra help by the crackling I hear with certain
movements.  Have to see the doctor every few months to get it vacuumed
out--not one of my favorite things to do, it rates right up there with going
to the dentist, those shrieking drills and that vacuum are about the same
sound and it is like scratching your fingernails on a chalk board.  

Rose Combs

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Rose, I can relate; I am glad you've gotten some hearing back. I haven't
heard stereo since 1978 so can barely recall what it's like. My right ear is
totally dead; you know how when you touch your ear lobe you can hear the
touch; well that doesn't work with my right ear. I know it's being touched
but I can't hear it, which means the nerves are gone.
I keep hoping some of the herbs I take will start feeding that part of me
and maybe start rebuilding, but then again, there may be something more
important that needs work. 

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