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  • Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2005 11:13:10 -0600

Hi Mary.  Yes, I still have a good amount of the facial vision, something for 
which I'm thannkful for every day.  I can tell the approximate size of a room, 
and whether it's painted dark or light.  The dark seems to absorb more sound.  
I have very good balance, which the doctors said I would not.  They also said 
that I would be totally deaf by the age of 20, and I'm 34 now.  I have back and 
leg problems too, and they said that I would be in a wheelchair by 1991, but 
that didn't happen either.  We all have things that can hold us back, if we let 

My desktop computer crashed on me last night, and I lost a vast amount of data, 
an.  Now that, to me, is more of a disabler than the lack of sight or hearing. 
*big smile*
I pulled out the laptop, and that's what I'm using now.  I bought it as a 
backup, but never dreamed I'd actually have to use it for it's intended purpose.
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Wow! 90 percent in both ears is a lot, but apparently your inner ears are still 
receptive to sound which is very fortunate for you. I don't cross busy streets 
at all. After getting knocked down by moving vehicles a few times, I decided 
it's better to be safe than sorry. Residential streets are quite easy if you do 
it logically, line up in what ever way you can and if the sun is shining, just 
keep it in the same place as you go and you generally can go straight across. 
Unfortunately our corners aren't square, they are rounded, so it's tricky to 
line up properly. Can you tell if you're near a wall or did you lose that 
facial vision as they call it? I still have it on the left but not at all on 
the right. I can be right next to a wall, on the right, and then my right hand 
can run right into it and I don't even know it's there. Can you tell room 
sizes? I can sort of do it but it's a one-sided deal. I miss being able to do 
it because it was really handy to hear both sides and know how big a room was.


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