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I agree. My building is owned by the parents of each of the residents, and we 
all have disabilities. My roommate and I are the only visually-impaired 
residents, and everyone has been very accepting of us. Our neighbor across the 
hall has two cats, and the family upstairs has two cats. We are getting a new 
resident tomorrow, and I think she has some cats too. Gotta go now.
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  It doesn't matter what they allow.  A guide dog should be able to live 
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  My roommate had to put his pet dog down about three weeks ago. The dog had 
numerous neurologic problems. My roommate is applying for a guide dog, so I'll 
have to get used to having one in our apartment. I know that some apartment 
complexes don't allow animals inside, but ours does. A sister of mine was 
telling me that a friend's guide dog was abused and mistreated at a rehab 
center here in downtown Chicago.
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    I don't do enough traveling to make it worth while to get a dog guide. I 
love animals and love dogs as pets. I mentioned my favorite pet, Heidi, who was 
her own independent, rambunctious, loving character; not as rambunctious and 
goofy as Jake, but she just loved everybody and there wasn't a mean bone in 
her. She was long and lanky and could bend herself to get through almost any 
size gate or door or opening. She had Airdale eyes and was a mix of Airdale, 
lab and shepherd. I won't go on any more about her but she was just like a 
puppy for all of her 13 years.

    Now you know why I love all the dog stories on BCT and on the list!


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