[bct] hearing loss

  • From: "Mary Emerson" <maryemerson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2006 18:59:03 -0800


I had a Telix cross-aid years ago and it kept falling out so I think I finally 
tossed it. I'm totally deaf on one side and it was strange getting used to 
that; I was 27 years old when it happened and doctors didn't have any 
conclusions about why it happened, except that after extensive testing they 
said it's profound nerve deafness and it was at least a 90 decibel loss. The 
only thing I can hear on that side is very selected sounds--no low frequencies, 
only shrill things like what comes out of a very cheap speaker such as a tiny 
transistor radio. I can't recall what it's like to hear in stereo any more. But 
I don't give up, so I am taking some herbs (specifically, a combination from 
Nature's Way called ex-stress which has a lot of herbs that work on the motor 
nerve, which probably influences other parts of the nervous system as well.) 

To listen to podcasts, if it's in stereo, the digital player is plugged into 
the stereo system, which is almost 30 years old, and the monaural switch is 
turned on so both channels are combined into both speakers or a set of 
headphones in monaural. I miss that stereo effect, but since I can't remember 
much about it any more, I guess it's hard to really know what I'm missing.

You probably have it much easier in social situations except that your aid 
would have a hard time filtering out sounds in large crowds. I don't do well in 
large groups, so stay with small groups. It's impossible to tell where sound is 
coming from, so the whole soundscape in a big auditorium would probably be like 
looking at a crowd from ten thousand feet above the ground.

Anyway, this is just to let you know you're not the only hearing-impaired 
person on the list. Sorry i got so long-winded.


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