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I myself don't care for lettuce. Therefore I am not big on green salads.
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Mary I used to eat a lot of iceberg lettuce, but, now I much prefer Romaine
lettuce. It seems more crisp to me and has more flavor. Just my personal
taste. I had been curious about the nutritional value of iceberg and
Romaine. I found some nutritional information online and so finally
satisfied my curiosity. Here it is if anyone is interested.

One cup of iceberg lettuce has

8 calories

0.5 gram protein

0.7 gram fiber

10 mg calcium

78 mg potassium

1.5 mg vitamin C

16 mcg folate

13.3 mcg of  vitamin K

164 mcg beta carotene

152 mcg of lutein + zeaxanthin

One cup of Romaine lettuce has

8 calories

0.58 gram protein

1.0 gram fiber

16 mg calcium

116 mg potassium

11.3 mg vitamin C

64 mcg folate

48.2 mcg of vitamin K

1637 mcg beta carotene

1087 mcg of lutein + zeaxanthin.


USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory



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Hi all,

If anyone subscribes to Debbie Hazelton's podcast on whollistic health, the
latest one, number 15, is really good. She does some great interviews on her
podcasts with a licensed nutritionist who is quite knowledgeable; on this
particular podcast she (the nutritionist) discussed the role of vitamins D
and K, and mentioned that iceberg lettuce is a good source of K. She also
mentioned an intriguing brand of supplements that I plan to try (New
Chapter.) There is also a lecture by someone talking about kwai garlic, but
the sound was faint and I gave up trying to hear it. If you're interested in
this sort of thing, the feed is at

Just balancing things out a bit; yes, we love our vices, but once in a while
an alternate point of view is worth hearing about too.

Mary, who won't give up chocolate regardless of all the supplements I take,
or maybe in spite of them...because of them? <grin>

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