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I don't listen to every word of her casts either, in fact, I am so far
behind on all of mine that I am getting a bit stressed.  
Hmm, my husband has chronic low potassium, no reason that we can think of,
but I am the one who loves black walnuts.  I supposed my eating them won't
help him--darn!  

Rose Combs

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I subscribe to Debbie Hazelton's podcast and am fairly selective about what
I listen to; I prefer the nutritional podcasts she does, and I just ignore
the rest. The nutritionist, Janet, is really good, although she has to stay
fairly basic to appeal to all types of listeners.
One project this week is that I am copying a bunch of video tapes on herbs
to four-track cassette; they were some of the last lectures Doctor John
Christopher did before he died. I don't agree with everything he said, so I
just keep the herbal information and disregard the rest. Some is a bit far
fetched, in my opinion. But the rest is really good. One thing I learned was
that either black walnut or elderberry have very high amounts of potassium;
if you have low potassium, one symptom is chronic skin problems; and a cause
of low patassium is high stress, which I had a lot of over the years. I know
I don't eat enough green stuff and am working on improving that. Of course,
you have to keep everything in balance, so just taking potassium won't
correct the problem.

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