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Mary, I haven't played with them lately, but some of the plantronics
headphones are quite loud, and some of them have an inline volume
control on the cable which makes turning them up and down quite easily.

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Good morning again,
Does anyone know of a set of PC headphones that will have enough
amplification that I can hear things such as fade-out when working in
studio recorder? Ihave at least three headsets, including a set of
Sennheiser that plugs into a USB port, but the volume control on the
headset is so low that I can't hear when something is completely faded
out and I have to guess. I have the PC volume controls adjusted to max,
and my speakers (admittedly, they are $35 JBL Duet speakers) don't have
a loud enough volume for me to tell when the fade is completely out.
Any ideas? Thank you.
Mary Emerson
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