[bct] Re: having trouble installing talks on nokia 6620

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  • Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 14:57:29 -0600

This is a message from the Mobile Speak list, but it is my understanding
that the instructions apply to Talks as well.

You do not need to start PC Sweit first. You just need to highlight the file
and press enter on it. This will start the PC Sweit installer for you. Then
you just need to press enter on YES to send the file to the phone. After
that; The PC Sweit software will tell you to complete the install on the
At this point press Enter on the PC to close this window.
Now you need to pick up your phone and press softkey1 3 times followed by
down arrow for memory card and then softkey1 three more times. Place a 5 to
second between softkey1 presses. The above is true for installing either
screen reader. For the TTS. press softkey1 3 times followed by down arrow
memory card and then press softkey1 one more time. Again put a 5 to 10
second between softkey1 presses.
All the above is for a new install of the TTS and screen reader. This means
the phone does not have a prior copy installed. The install instructions
a little if their is already a version installed. Instead of pressing
Softkey1 three times and then down arrow; You would press it 4 times and
then down
arrow. True for the TTS and the Screen reader.
Signed: Stephen Giggar
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jason smith
Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2006 8:55 PM
Subject: [Mobile Speak] installing demo of mobilespeak
Hi everyone,
I don't know if my message got through, as I haven't received any replies,
so I am posting it again.
I want to check that I understand the correct steps in installing the
mobilespeak 30 day demo. I think the steps are as follows. 1: install Nokia
Pc suite
onto my desktop from the CD supplied with my phone.
2: download the 30 day demo of mobilespeak onto my desktop.
3: use the USB cable supplied with my phone to connect my phone to my PC.
4: click on Nokia PC suite on my desktop in order to activate it.
5: click on mobilespeak on my desktop to activate it.
6: contact my mobilespeak dealer, in order to obtain a registration code.
Do I have these steps correct?
Some questions I have: Once I enter the registration code, will PC suite
automatically kick into action to install mobilespeak, or will this happen
if so when? I believe I am meant to set up Mobilespeak in a directory or
something like that. Will I be prompted to do this during the installation
If not, when and how do I do this. I am not completely sure what setting up
a directory means. Is it still recommended to install mobilespeak onto the
memory card, or is the phone memory better. I assume I will be prompted as
to where to install mobilespeak, am I right? I have a Nokia N70. Any
suggestions other users have will be appreciated. This whole thing of
installing software onto a mobile is entirely new to me. My old phone is 7
old and didn't need anything installed by me. I am going to use the USB
cable, as bluetooth is still unclear to me. I believe this is still a
method, am i correct?
Sorry about so many basic questions, but like I said, this is all very new
to me.
I look forward to your replies.
P.S I am running JAWS 7.0 and windows XP Home on my computer.
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To: Blind Cool Tech
Subject: [bct] having trouble installing talks on nokia 6620

Hello, all. I really hate to be writing to the list about this again, but
I've read all the documentation I can find, and I'm pretty sure I've done
everything right. I finally got Nokia PC suite installed for the 6620, and
after attempting to use it, I sincerely hope that I will be able to continue
using my 6600 phone; either that or if my phone is declared unuseable, I'm
pretty sure I will try to find another 6600 to replace it rather than
getting a newer phone that uses this new version of PC suite. 
Unless I'm missing something, which is entirely possible, this newer PC
suite isn't at all screen reader friendly.
However, so far as I know, that isn't the problem. I'm reasonably confident
that both the tts engine and talks program were transfered to the phone's
memory card; I found a message on the PC screen indicating that I would need
to complete the installation from the phone's handset. I assumed that this
simply meant restarting the phone, but so far, the phone hasn't uttered a
word. Is there a step I'm missing? Am I going to need to try and track down
sighted assistance to finish the installation? No matter what, I have to get
the phone to the person who purchased it tomorrow so that she can begin
using it; i just want to know what I may have done wrong or what additional
steps need to be taken to make the phone start talking. My co-worker will be
purchasing the full license version of talks as soon as she can afford it,
and is fully aware of the 10 minute limitation on the version I have
hopefully installed for her. Thanks for any help you can provide in this
matter, and I hope that you all are having a really great day.

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