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Hi Randy,
I'm certain you've received at least a few replies on this topic already, but I'm willing to throw my hat into the ring with the others. <smile>

I don't think it matters whether the young woman is blind or not; it matters whether you have things in common and grow to care for each other, as did Darren and Kim. This should not be an experiment. You'll either find someone out there in cyberspace who likes you for who you are. Blindness should have nothing to do with it.

Good luck in your endeavors,

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I am one of the single guys on the list, how do we go about meeting single girl's on the list. Here's what started this, I noticed on Daren and Kim's pod cast how happy they were, and I wonder if because they are both blind, that might bee one of the reason's that they make such a good couple. I have never dated a blind woman before, but I always have wanted too. I know this is a strange post, but its Ben on my mind. I guess I want to see what you all think. Talk to you all soon! Ps Don't think I'm weired for posting this I'm just lonely.

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