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Randy, I am in the same position. I am looking for a guy and a job. I know a
blind couple here in my area who share that same happiness that Kim and
Daron share and I do think that being blind helps. I personally would like
to date a blind guy because we would be more sensitive  to each others
needs. When I was in college I lived with three sighted roommates and it was
horrible to say the least. I wish we blind folks weren't so spread out all
over the place. I also wish I had a job. I am sick of being turned down for
"lack of experience" when in fact its because I'm blind.
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It's a valid point.
If sighted people have these options, why couldn't blind people have them?
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>I am one of the single guys on the list, how do we go about meeting
> single girl's on the list.  Here's what started this, I noticed on
> Daren and Kim's pod cast how happy they were, and I wonder if because
> they are both blind, that might bee one of the reason's that they make
> such a good couple.  I have never dated a blind woman before, but I
> always have wanted too.  I know this is a strange post, but its Ben on
> my mind.  I guess I want to see what you all think.  Talk to you all
> soon!  Ps Don't think I'm weired for posting this I'm just lonely.
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