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Hi Jamie,

good luck with that job. If it doesn't work out, just keep at it. Its
hard when your a recent graduate, regardless of any disability.
Getting turned down numerous times is very demoralising, but just keep
at it. Persistance will pay off in the long run.

jamie crowell writes:
 > Yes, Tim, I do have a goal in mind. I just graduated with a degree in human
 > resources and I have sent resumes all over the place. I have had three
 > interviews. I recently interviewed with Alltel, which is the second largest
 > phone company in my area. My dad has worked there for over thirty years and
 > he is talking with the VP. They turned me down yesterday, however, I think
 > it's because they don't want to make the effort to work with me. My dad is
 > going to call the VP on Monday. I think there is still a possibility.
 > Jamie
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 > Hi jamie,
 > there is nothing on this planet as depressing as the endless job hunt.
 > don't let it get you down too much. Remember (here comes the cliche)
 > its there loss not yours.
 > Do you have a plan or goal with respect to work? Is there something in
 > particular you would really like to do? It can sometimes help if there
 > is a particular career or objective you want to reach because you tend
 > to be more interested in it and this shows in an interview. Are you
 > getting many interviews or are you being dropped before that stage?
 > While I understand your comments regarding dating a blind person
 > because they would be more sensitive to your needs etc, I think you
 > should just be looking for someone who can be sensitive, regardless of
 > blindness or not. The people you shared with in college were probably
 > just young and insensitive to others needs - people tend to be like
 > that when they are young. I've been very lucky in my life to have had
 > two long term partners (7 years and 10 years) and know that when you
 > meet that special one, you don't need to worry about sensitivity to
 > your needs etc. The right person will understand you and your needs as
 > you will understand theirs. The right person is that one you will meet
 > who will make you feel great and inspire you to be the best person you
 > can while you do the same for them. In the meantime, just enjoy life
 > as its unfortunately extremely short and we only get one go at it.
 > The good thing is that without a job or a partner, the only direction
 > you can go is up. You have little to lose, the world is your ....
 > oh damn, just dropped my braille copy of "The worlds best cliches"
 > volume 1. have to leave it there,
 > Tim

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