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  • Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 19:31:44 -0600

Hi Jamie,

Often times it is when you least expect it that you meet that special person 
you marry.  I went to Philadelphia for two weeks in July 1977 to learn to 
use the Optacon at what was then Volunteer Services for the Blind.  The guy 
in charge of the program asked my future-husband to come along to the 
airport to help carry luggage.  Skip lived in downtown Philly so he showed 
me around.  He and I went out to dinner and my two weeks in Philadelphia 
ended up not being as lonely as I thought they would be.  He is partially 
sighted and I am for all practical purposes nearly totally blind.  We had to 
face a lot of issues and decide if we could and would deal with them, just 
as Kim and Darren discussed on their podcast.  We have been extremely 
fortunate in finding apartments, houses and condos within walking distance 
of grocery stores and bus stops.  I have not tried online grocery shopping 
yet, but, if we had a feasible option in that regard we would have a little 
more freedom in our choice of housing.  We have a grocery cart like Lynnette 
and Maria and do our shopping on Saturday mornings before the store gets too 

It certainly is a lot easier these days to meet other blind people through 
the Internet.  I went to public school and never met another blind person 
until I went to a summer camp when I was probably close to junior high 
school.  I think it is important to know and interact with other blind 
people because we can support, encourage and sometimes inspire one another 
through our shared experiences.

Don't give up on finding someone.  It might just happen when you least 
expect it.  That is how it happened to me.


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Randy, I am in the same position. I am looking for a guy and a job. I know a
blind couple here in my area who share that same happiness that Kim and
Daron share and I do think that being blind helps. I personally would like
to date a blind guy because we would be more sensitive  to each others
needs. When I was in college I lived with three sighted roommates and it was
horrible to say the least. I wish we blind folks weren't so spread out all
over the place. I also wish I had a job. I am sick of being turned down for
"lack of experience" when in fact its because I'm blind.

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