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  • From: "Rick Harmon" <rickharmon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 17:44:12 -0400

Hi everyone,

I learned something yesterday when a sighted user was using goldwave here on my 
pc.  She told me about a bar in goldwave you could use to change volume and 
speed and other things.  Well playing around today I decided to find it on my 
own since she didn't know how to tell me to use it with the keyboard or how to 
bring it up.

Well I found out if you press Alt + F6 keys the focus changes to this control 
bar and it works with the keyboard.  Pressing ALT + F6 again changes the focus 
back to the sound window.

If you goto the speed or volume or balance controls they work with the cursor 
up and down keys and the page up and page down keys.  With the speed control 
you can adjust your playback speed on the fly and can be useful at times.  My 
question is:

Without exiting out of goldwave and getting back into goldwave how do you get 
the speed rate to go back to 1.0x ?  I can play with the control and get it in 
the right area but am not 100% sure if the rate is 1.0x  Can anyone help?

Pressing the stop button and play button again plays the sound at the current 
rate set by the speed control and closeing the file and reloading it doesn't 
change the setting either.  Only way so far to get the rate back to 1.0x is to 
exit goldwave and run it again and then everything is back to default.

You might want to play with the controls some but use caution not to get 
something messed up.



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