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My goals for the new year, other than to attempt to catch up on all the books I 
baught this past year from Audible and haven't gotten read yet, is to start a 
podcast to go along with my radio program, and find a job in a warmer climate.

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Good morning all,

Since some of us are sharing goals for the year, I think one of mine is to 
simply keep learning; I have a number of specific interests--music, science, 
theology, and one that I would like to focus more on: whollistic medicine. It's 
been an interest of mine for decades; for example, I have a magnetic mattress 
pad on my bed (north pole facing up, for those who know a bit about this), I 
use supplements (some general, some for specific areas); it wouldn't hurt to 
learn a bit more. NLS and RFBD have produced some good books on herbal medicine 
and I'd love to find a few that are a bit more modern in scope; I have a couple 
classics that were written decades ago; they're good, but knowledge has 
increased significantly since these books were written. That will keep me busy, 
yet allow time to enjoy a lot of free time for other things. 


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