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  • From: Merrill Louise <merrill.louise@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 14:27:31 -0500

I think you will find the tools for setting up your e-mail client in
the help section. ~Merrill

On 2/1/06, Jeff Armstrong <jeffarmstrong1380@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello again,
>     The reason I originally posted the manual instructions for setting up
> gmail on Outlook Express is that someone earlier wrote that they weren't
> able to get it to work and I am using it with no problems.  The important
> details are the tick boxes for SSL and making sure that you input the proper
> port numbers as instructed.  If it doesn't work after following these steps
> or you have problems with the instructions just ask about any problems here
> and I or someone else will help.
> Here is the text I sent earlier:
> ***
>     Someone was talking about "g mail" access in Outlook Express a while
> back and I wanted to post the instructions I used to set it up.  First off,
> change Jaws's dictionary to say "g mail" when it sees gmail.  That will make
> life easier.  These instructions are based on Jaws since that is all I know,
> I'm sure other programs use a similar set of cursor choices.  Then Open
> Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use and go to "mail.gmail.com".
> This assumes you already have a "gmail" account. (you must have been invited
> by an existing customer to get an email account, ask on the list if you need
> one, you must then set it up online the first time.  It takes help from a
> sighted person since it has one of those "copy the word pictured here" boxes
> which, I know, are crap, but I don't run the site.)  Next, sign into your
> email
> account.  Once you are in your email  screen, make sure you have it set to
> "standard" display, you can't access settings while in "basic html" display.
> Once in standard display, turn on the jaws curser and locate the word
> "settings", just after your user name on the same line.  Once you are over
> that word with the Jaws cursor, left click on it.  The page will change to
> show the email settings view.  Still using your Jaws cursor, find
> "Forwarding and POP"  and left click on it with your Jaws cursor.  Then
> select your "pc cursor"
> and find "POP Download:
> ".  Just below there, tick the box for enabling pop downloading of emails.
> Then, go down the page until you see the box that lets you choose either;
> "Enable POP for all mail" or "Enable POP for mail that arrives from now
> on".(I set up three accounts this way and one time I needed to mess around
> with the Jaws cursor to make it change, using the left mouse click.)
> I believe you might need to go into forms mode to change this setting.  The
> next important setting is "When messages are accessed with POP" for the
> action you would like to do. Gmail offers three choices. They are "Keep
> Gmail's
> copy in the Inbox", "archive Gmail's copy" and "trash Gmail's copy". Please
> select any one of these choices depending on your requirements.  After
> making the changes, click on the "Save changes" button. This will end your
> first step of enabling POP access.
> Then, to configure Gmail account into Outlook Express manually, please
> follow these steps;
> Open Outlook Express. Click Tools - Accounts - Mail tab. Click the Add
> button select Mail from the popup. In the Display name text box, please type
> your full name or whatever you would like people to see in the `From' field
> and click Next. In the e-mail address field, please enter your Gmail e-mail
> address (eg username@xxxxxxxxx) and click Next. Select the `My incoming mail
> server' as a "POP3" server. Type "pop.gmail.com"(without quotes) as your
> Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server and type "smtp.gmail.com" as the
> Outgoing
> mail (SMTP) server and click
> Next. In the Account name field, please type your Gmail address (eg
> username@xxxxxxxxx). In the Password field, enter your Gmail account
> password. If you
> do not wish to type in your password every time you check your mail, tick
> the Remember password box and click Next. Then click Finish. Select
> pop.gmail.com
> (newly configured) under the Internet Accounts window and click properties -
> Advanced tab. In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box enter "465"(without quotes)
> and tick the option. This server requires a secure connection (SSL). In the
> Incoming mail (POP3) box, enter "995" (without quotes) and tick the option.
> This server requires a secure connection (SSL).Then increase the Server
> Timeout to `Long' (5 minutes, which is also 100% on the slider). Select
> Servers tab and in the bottom, tick the
> checkbox of "My server requires authentication". Click ok and close.  Now
> just choose Sendand Recieve from the Tools menu, then choose your gmail
> account, this will download Gmail messages into your Outlook
> Express inbox.
> Thank you to Solutions by M. Sampath for help in putting this together
> Jeff Armstrong
> Jeff Armstrong
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