[bct] Re: general comments on recent podcasts

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 20:43:10 -0500

Hi Mary,
Yes, that podcast was a blast I must say!  I'm glad you enjoyed that, because 
it was great fun recording it.
The doors opening and closing thing you mentioned really made me smile.  I 
wondered how that all came across over the recording, and it does sound as if 
Megan's room is an ever revolving door; when one person leaves, another 
literally chimes in.
I hope you can get Skype working for you, it would be great fun to talk to you. 
 The experience is pretty amazing.  It really feels as though you're speaking 
to someone right in the same room as you are.
Anyway, I've gone on long enough, I'm abridging the Hope novel for today.
Oh, wait, that's a bit hypocritical isn't it, since I just said the unabridged 
books are better?  <smile>

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  Hi list,

  I've really enjoyed the podcasts this week; two of Larry and Jake walking in 
just a couple days is a very special treat! I sit in my favorite rocking chair, 
large mug of hot chocolate in hand, book port or Olympus WS320 on my lap, 
headphones on, just taking it all in and glad to hear it all. We have such cold 
rainy weather this week and with all the other adverse weather conditions 
throughout the country, it's nice to know at least a few places have more 
pleasant surroundings than snow or rain.

  I love the podcast Hope and Megan did. You guys sounded like you were having 
a real good time with it! I kept hearing doors opening and closing, and thought 
for a while that you must have a huge amount of people coming into your room 
and leaving; and then I figured out it must be the computer doing those sounds 
with instant messenger and people leaving and coming online. So, my mistake, 
but it was fun imagining you carrying on a conversation and hearing doors open 
and close all the time. I thought, "Who is spying on you guys anyway?" You 
really must do a podcast on Skype. I got a version from http://www.jfwlite.com 
and there were scripts there also, but I bet it was an earlier version; I set 
up an account last year and have never used it, and I don't even have Skype on 
my PC now. It just seems too disruptive. But that's just me, not used to being 


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