[bct] Re: general comments about the list, and chocolate

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Did you ever wonder how they made M&Ms without any seems or breaks in
the shell that encapsulates the inner chocolate?  I have wondered that
for years and I was at a chocolate expo this summer and found out.  I've
been tempted to go corner that professor and have him help me make a
podcast.  You know, I could sit there eating chocolate while both
describing it and smacking my lips so you would all be very very hungry
after it was all over  Yum! Yum!  So soft, so rich, quite tasty.  Now
eat your heart out.

OK, I'll now be band from the list.


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Hey, who's got the M&M's?




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I agree 1 million percent; I don't listen to every podcast either,
because some deal with subjects I don't need to know about currently,
but they are out there in case I want to hear them later. I don't
usually delete messages here but I would if I were a lot more busy;
these days I can slow down and enjoy everyone's give and take, and the
crazy jokes and laughter and some of the general fooling around that
goes on here, all in good taste. I don't even mind all the discussion of
scotch; I don't drink but it's funny hearing you guys get silly about
it. Now the chocolate is another story, that is serious stuff indeed! I
like any and every kind of chocolate if it has the slightest
resemblance, so as I confessed the other day, I eat Hershey's, despite
what some Europeans say about it being absolutely horrible to them. My
favorite is still Ghirardelli but i'll try anything. Europeans seem to
have a lot more sophisticated chocolate preference and taste. They seem
to treat it more like a serious food or serious beverage than we
Americans do; but isn't it fun to just devour the stuff regardless of
what you think of it?

Chocolate forever! Even M&M's or Reese's will do!

Mary, who's gonna hear it from Dan about M&M's, oh no!

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