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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 19:33:08 -0500

Jane, to answer the html question, yes.  You can either open any file
and have it converted to text, or you can open a file and not have it
converted, so, if you open an html file unconverted, you get the html
code which can be edited.  I don't think you can format for print like
you can in word.


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TextPal--powerful, friendly, & free text and code editor

Can I use this little program for editing HTML files, for instance?   
Ihave a program on my Mac that lets me code a document and then look  
at it in "Web Preview" without having to open up the web browser.   
Can this program do that, too?  What else can it be used for?  It has  
to be better than NotePad.

Could I use it, say , to formatt documents for printing, like I can  
with word?


On May 17, 2006, at 3:17 PM, Neal Ewers wrote:

> Pam, I have it on my computer.  It is very nice.
> Neal
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> TextPal--powerful, friendly, & free text and code editor
> Does anybody know if this is legitimate? >
> Pam
>> Now available at
>> http://www.EmpowermentZone.com/palsetup.exe
>> TextPal 1.0 is a free, unique text and code editor, optimized for 
>> productivity by users of the JAWS or Window-Eyes screen reader 
>> programs.  Its many features include the following:
>> *  Open almost any number of files of any size.  Various formats are 
>> automatically converted to plain text, including Microsoft Word, 
>> Excel, PowerPoint, rich text format, portable document format, 
>> Windows help, and HTML.  Files may also be opened from lists of 
>> favorite files or recent files.
>> *  Find commands automatically read the line with matching text.  
>> Count the number of lines, words, and characters in a document.  
>> Query the current line and column position, percentage point, number 
>> of characters selected, or whether the document has been modified.  
>> Read text ahead of the caret, prior to it, or the whole document at 
>> once.
>> *  Select any amount of text without having to hold down the Shift 
>> key.  Instead, mark the starting point of a selection,  navigate to 
>> the ending point by whatever means, and then complete the selection 
>> with another hot key.  Copy the entire document to the clipboard with

>> a single command, or copy its complete path with another
>> command.
>> *  The standard Copy and Cut commands conveniently assume the current

>> line if no text is selected.  Other commands append to the clipboard 
>> rather than replacing it.  Another key speaks what the clipboard 
>> currently contains.  A new document may be initiated with clipboard 
>> text.
>> *  Delete by character, word, line, paragraph, to the end of the 
>> line, to the start of the line, to the bottom of the document, or to 
>> the top of the document.  Repeat the current line with a quick copy 
>> immediately below.  Insert the current date and time.  Generate a 
>> list of files in the current directory.
>> *  Prepare structured text documents with a table of contents, 
>> headings, and sections.  Navigate by section, search by topic, or 
>> toggle between the table of contents and the body.  Convert a list of

>> file names to text versions, or combine them into a single, 
>> structured document.
>> *  Jump to a line, or jump forward or backward by a number of lines.

>> Go to a percentage point of the document, or go forward or backward 
>> by a percent.  Set or go to a bookmark preserved from one session to 
>> another.
>> *  Spell check the current document.  Change text to upper or lower 
>> case.  Clean up quoted email.  Start an email message using the 
>> document as the message body.
>> *  Aids for programmers include indenting, out denting, and reporting

>> levels of indentation.  Find a matching right or left brace 
>> character.  Replace or extract text using regular expressions.  
>> Configure a compiler to be run against source code in the current 
>> file.  Export to Unix or Mac formats.
>> The number of TextPal commands exceeds 100.  Each is available by 
>> either menu selection or hot key.  All are discussed in relevant 
>> sections of the documentation, invoked with F1.  In addition,
>> Control+H opens an alphabetized list of hot keys, and Control+F1
>> opens a sample file for practicing topic navigation commands.  Files 
>> with a .txt extension may optionally be associated with TextPal, and 
>> any file may be opened with it using the Send To option in Windows
> Explorer.
>> Make the best of text with TextPal!

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