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  • Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 21:58:27 -0600

I wonder if there is a service out there that could make things easier for all 
of us? What I was thinking is sending files by email that get deposited in an 
ftp directory. I know many ISPs don't let us send large files by email, but we 
all hate our boxes exceeding quota because of them. The account that could 
download from such a thing would have a password that isn't public and files 
would get there by email. I'm sure it isn't hard to make, but I've never wrote 
linux programs that could decode attachments sent to a given address and 
deposit them in a folder.

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  The FTP site is closed due to the problems encountered a week or so ago. To 
send podcasts up to Larry, you need to use http://www.yousendit.com.

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