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  • Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2005 14:29:08 +1100

Hi all,

for those who don't know, on the back of the ccrane transmitters under the 
sticker there is a screw which can be turned to maximum (this may not be legal 
in some states in the usa).

once this is done the ccrane has more than twice the power it did previously.

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Dean, I was also disappointed with the C. Crane FM transmitter; the one I 
use now is a Lyra but you can't really use it with the car because it has 
both a transmitter and a receiver and both use AC power; but for good clear 
reception on a stereo system, it's great except for occasional interference 
from the people playing computer games or using cell phones or something. 
The receiver has RCA outputs to plug directly into a stereo.


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