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Hi Bill:
Please forgive me if I got in late on this discussion. What is a Ccrane transmitter? What is it used for and where can I get one?
Thanks: Dana

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Hi Mary and others,

I have just joined the list and I'm really looking forward to participating
with such a great group.  I got burned out on lists a couple of years ago
and am just now jumping back in.

I use the C Crane fm transmitter and I'm disappointed to hear that several
folks have had a negative experience.  Their newest transmitter is digital
and gives the ability to choose any spot on the fm band with accuracy.  I
also was worried when I first tried the C Crane because it was so weak it
barely covered my bedroom.  I learned from a technician at C Crane that I
could increase its power by tweaking a little adjustment screw on the back.
It is necessary to remove a rectangular plate that is slightly indented into
a rectangle on the back.  After prying up one corner of the plate, it is
possible to remove it and expose several little holes one of which contains
the screw.  Unfortunately, I can't remember right now whether it is the left
most hole or the second from the left, but a sighted assistant can tell by
looking.  You can use a very small screw driver to turn that screw all the
way clockwise to increase the power dramatically.  Mine now covers my entire
house and yard with a very clear stereo signal.

You can enhance the signal even further by splitting some speaker wire into
two 30.5 inch pieces, twist the wires on one end of each together, and wrap
that twisted section around the telescoping rod antenna.

The C Crane also works very well in the car, even in large urban areas with
very crowded fm dials.

Bill Belew

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Dean, I was also disappointed with the C. Crane FM transmitter; the one I use now is a Lyra but you can't really use it with the car because it has both a transmitter and a receiver and both use AC power; but for good clear reception on a stereo system, it's great except for occasional interference from the people playing computer games or using cell phones or something. The receiver has RCA outputs to plug directly into a stereo.


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