[bct] Re: for a special friend/partner

  • From: Megan Kelly <mek55@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 07:51:11 -0500

Hi Scott,
I'm very sorry; I have a dog (not a guide dog), and know that the bonds between humans and animals are very special.


At 05:34 PM 1/2/2006, you wrote:
Folks, this has been one of the most difficult days I have had to
face in a little more than four years. I'm not completely why I'm
sharing this to the extent I am, but other than a means to remind
myself and others who are dog guide handlers to never forget the
special bond you have with your dog. Well Nyack was my third dog
guide, my second from The Seeing Eye. He worked until he was ten
years old. He was the finest guide in his prime and to the ver last
the most loyal animal I have had the honor to work wtih. My current
dog is vertainly no slowch, don't get me wrong, but Nyack had grit,
attitude, and a work ethic ununmatched yet. This dog was always
behind me, I mean I couldn't go anywhere and not turn around to find
him there; not until recently. Nyack wwas always a very thin
Shepherd, I spent a lot of time and expense making sure he was
healthy, but he never gained weight which in the end was ok, but yet
of course he didn't look well cared for when you could see all his
bones. Well in any event over the last month I've noticed he was
loosing more weight, but when he was having problems relieving
himself, I knew something was really wrong. He alwas made it outside,
but I was running out of yard for the dogs to park in so I need to
get him to the Vet. I took him down to the Vet today to see if there
was anything they could do. I have been faced with the fact that he
is nearly twelve and isn't going to live forever. I never imagined my
Vet not even asking questions when he saw him, he just told my wife
and I he wanted to weigh him before anything else. Well as I
expected, he had lost about 7 pounds and for his size and low weight
to begin with , this wasn't a good sign. Well to not drag the story
on and I'm sure you know where I'm going with this, I had Nyack put
down. You know it was hard with my first Lab Jack and I knew what to
expect and I even did a little better, but its still very painful. I
guess the point of all this is that he bond between a dog and his/her
handler is very special and unique. Give your pups a pat and always
keep in mind their service to you.
Nyack will be coming home in a week or so in a box to assume his
position atop my bookshelf.


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