[bct] fireplace podcast, and a Skype question

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  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2006 09:43:52 -0800

Good morning on this cold (for northern California) morninng!

The fireplace podcast was wonderful, Larry! I had my hot chocolate this morning 
while hearing it, so had a bit of the warmth with the sound. What type of wood 
do you use? Oak? Cedar? Something else?

Isn't it funny how dogs can sack out in front of a fireplace? I've known some 
who didn't bother, but my favorite pet dog would stretch out so much that every 
inch that could get close, got close; you'd swear she grew a few inches just to 
get her neck, tummy, chest, and face as close as she dared. Her collar got so 
hot I was always afraid she'd burn herself. Other dogs couldn't care less 
though; some will go lie on the nearest bed or in the nearest favorite chair.

Now the Skype question: I have gotten some lovely greetings from people when 
I've logged in, but don't know how to reply. What's the proper procedure? I 
hate to ignore people when they take the time to say hello.

Thanks - 
Mary Emerson
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