[bct] Re: file uploads

  • From: "Dana Niswonger" <dniswonger@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 18:08:15 -0600

You are not supposed to leave the page while the file is being uploaded.  Also 
close any programs on the task bar except Jaws before attempting to follow my 
instructions.  While I am not yet using Jaws 7 all the time, I will check out 
whether the same instructions work with it later tonight.  I have another file 
to send to someone so I'll have a legitimate chance.  I had no trouble doing it 
but my file was 94 megs and it just took a long time.  There is a status bar 
but if you leave the page you won't hear it being spoken any longer and your 
file upload will be aborted.

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  From: Dick Wamser 
  To: blindcooltech@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
  Sent: Friday, November 18, 2005 5:14 PM
  Subject: [bct] Re: file uploads

  Thanks.  Your instructions were thorough but did not work.  Pressing the 
space bar on the browse link did nothing, but I got the gist of what you were 
trying to say.  This time, I'm getting a message saying that the file is being 
sent.  There is supposed to be a status line near the top of the screen 
determining what portion of the file has been sent, but I can't find it. 
Nothing about conect speed either or how many kps, but that's OK. Probably 
because I've got Outlook express opened?  Thanks.  It got me on the right 
track.  I appreciate it.  
  Dick, Donna, Clayton, Mizzy, Bart and Ginger

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