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Hi John:
Yeah, it was a good thing they created the presumed eligibility clause in the government laws or they would get a lot of that at the Social Security office, lol!

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I will have to remember that one just in case I need it. oh I would do that no problem.
My dad more than once said his teeth came out like the stars at night and he always said would like to see them.
I have threaten to take my shells out more than once but the person who was asking well they backed down.
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Priceless, Lois!  Truly makes you wonder.  you hit it right on the head.
Some people just aren't listening.

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Dana. I've just heard your life/career cast. A remarkable and
story. Among other assets, you have a great radio voice! And I have
eye story. Some time gback, some organization or other wanted
verification of
my permanent blindness. I have a complete ophthalmologist's report. So
sent that to the powers that be, or were. But they wouldn't be satisfied
I went to a physician and had him or her sign their silly form. I live in
semi-rural area and that meant I had to find transportation to their
physician. When I walked into his office, he said something like, "How
vision do you have in your left eye?" I said I was totally blind in both
He wasn't listening to a word I said. He seemed rather distracted and
disinterested. He replied, "but how much do you see out of it?" I was
disgusted with the whole proceeding and took out my left eye, handed it to
and said, "Here! Check it out! How much do _you see out of it?" He
looked at
it for a few seconds, handed it back and said, "now how about your right
How much do you see with it?" I raised my hand to remove that one and
said, "Do
you want to try that one, too?" He finally said, "okay. I'll have the
signed and mailed right away." And I left his office without a goodbye,
day, thank you, or anything else. And he probably got a pretty fair fee
that nonsense.
Good luck with ACTION, Dana.  I wish you well.  And I hope we soon hear
podcasts from you. By athe way, You mentioned being partially sighted
opposed to being legally blind. The latter term has always jogged
something in
my brain and I once told some official that I had never considered doing
illegally. He didn't find it funny. But I honestly don't think he got
Some of the terminology used on us is ridiculous, or at least amusing
Lois Goodine.

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